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Cold Stream Farm LLC.
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Apricot Ash Aspen Basswood
Beech Birch Cherry Chestnut
Coffeetree Elm Ginkgo Gum
Hackberry Hazelnut Hickory Hophornbeam
Hornbeam (Ironwood) Hybrid Poplar Locust Maple
Mulberry Oak Osage Orange Pecan
Persimmon Plum Redbud Sassafras
Sycamore Tuliptree Walnut Willow

Wholesale Deciduous Trees 

If you are looking for wholesale deciduous trees in Michigan, Cold Stream Farm is here to help. For more than 35 years, we have been serving residents throughout the area, and we provide excellent customer service and high-quality trees. Below you will find our complete selection of deciduous trees for sale. Click on any trees species for additional information including tree height, common names, soil and climate details, and more. 

 We strive to accommodate all of our clients regardless of what they need. If you have any questions about our tree species, shipping information, or the ordering process, contact Cold Stream Farm today. We are always happy to provide our customers with additional details. Thank you for shopping with us and we look forward to working with you!

   Apricot: Species - Hardy Apricot

   Ash: Species - American Mountain Ash, European Mountain Ash

   Aspen: Species - Quaking Aspen

   Basswood: Species - American Basswood

   Beech: Species - American Beech

   Birch: Species - Paper Birch, River Birch, Yellow Birch

   Cherry: Species - Choke Cherry, Wild Black Cherry

   Chestnut: Species - American Chestnut

   Coffeetree: Species - Kentucky Coffeetree

   Gum: Species - Black Gum, Sweet Gum

   Hackberry: Species - Common Hackberry

   Hazelnut: Species - American Hazeln, Beaked Hazelnut

   Hickory: Species - Shagbark Hickory,Shellbark Hickory
   Hophornbeam: - American Hophornbeam
   Hornbeam (Ironwood): Species - American Hornbeam

   Hybrid Poplar: Species - Hybrid Poplar

   Locust: Species - Black Locust

   Maple: Species - Amur maple, Norway maple, Red maple, Silver maple, Sugar maple

   Mulberry: Species - Russian Mulberry, Red Mulberry

   Oak: Species - Bur oak, English oak, Red oak, Swamp white oak, White oak

   Osage Orange: Species - Osage Orange

   Plum: Species - American Plum

   Redbud: Species - Eastern Redbud

   Sycamore: Species - American Sycamore

   Tuliptree: Species - Tuliptree

   Walnut: Species - Black Walnut