American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana)

American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) seed bed

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  • American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) seed bed
  • American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) mature bark
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Latin: Carpinus caroliniana

Zones: 3-9

Other common names: hornbeam, blue beech, ironwood, water beech

Mature Height: 40 ft.

Soil / Climate: likes moist, rich soils, full sun to shade, prune tolerant, slow growth rate.It has a shallow, wide spreading root system.

Notes: Fruit of the Hornbeam is a cluster of nuts hanging from a leafy branch.  Landscape Uses would be anything from a shade tree to hedge to attract deer and birds for nut comsumption.

Wildlife: The Hornbeam seeds, twigs and buds are a valued food source for deer, turkeys, ducks and squirrels. The tree grows well beneath other larger trees and produces good shelter for a number of animals and serves as a host tree for birds' nests.

Cold Stream Farm supplies American Hornbeam trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order.
Additional information on Carpinus caroliniana can be found on the link: USDA / NRCS PLANTS Database.
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