Adults Can Still Climb Trees

Sometimes we miss being children. Scratch that – we miss being children all the time. That time of innocence and fun when we didn’t have to worry about paying pills or getting sad because we watched the news. When all we needed for a good time was a backyard and the imagination. For some of us, that meant climbing anything we could get our hands on: garages, fences, and trees.

There’s just so much freedom in digging our feet into the dirt and grabbing the first branch. And the movies that would play out in our heads: maybe we imagined we were climbing tall mountains or exploring the steeps and slopes of a strange planet. You can admit it: you miss that. We adults don’t get that many opportunities to climb trees and in the rare chance we do, we don’t – c’mon! that would look strange. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, if it’s up to Bob Wray and his guided climb in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

In this article, Robin Soslow writes, “The guide, Bob Wray, belongs to a small, passionate fraternity of expert recreational tree climbers who guide thrill-seekers up trees. He launched Blue Ridge Tree Climbing 10 years ago after perfecting his techniques, which involve ropes tied with several kinds of knots.”

The tour sounds like a blast, as Bob guides “folks of all levels and ages on his acreage in Meadows of Dan, a scenic mountain meander south from Roanoke, and nearby at Primland, a luxury resort with eclectic offerings from golf to geocaching to clay-shooting.”

Such a guided tour will surely rekindle those feelings of adventure we had as kids. Shouldn’t that be what life is all about? Adventure? To do away with the daily grind for just a little bit and get out there in nature where the heart and mind can be like wild horses. Thank goodness for Bob Wray and his guided tours!

What do you think? Would you ever go on a tree climbing guided tour? Let us know in the comments below.