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Wholesale American Elm Trees for Sale

Back in the 19th century, American Elm (Ulmus americana) trees were one of the most popular types of trees in neighborhoods across the country. Thanks to their elegant shape and their green leaves that turned gold once fall came around, it wasn’t uncommon to see these trees—which also go by the names White Elm, Water Elm, and Soft Elm—lining most major streets. These days, American Elm trees are known to be susceptible to the dangerous Dutch elm disease, but they’re still one of the best-looking trees around and a favorite among those looking for wholesale Elm trees from Cold Stream Farm.

Growing your American Elm Tree

While many people fall in love with our American Elm trees after seeing what they look like when they’re fully grown, there is more to American Elm (Ulmus americana) trees than meets the eye. In addition to being beautiful, the Water Elm, Soft Elm, and White Elm trees for sale through Cold Stream Farm are also hardy trees that can stand up to temperatures well below zero. If they’re well-maintained and disease-free, they can also live to be hundreds of years old.

About the American Elm Tree

American Elm (Ulmus americana) trees can grow up to 100 feet tall, and they grow in a hurry when the conditions are right. Once they reach full maturity, our American Elm trees for sale will provide plenty of shade. Another great thing about our wholesale Elm trees is they can be easily transplanted. It’s why you should consider planting our Water Elm, Soft Elm, and White Elm trees for sale on your property despite any concerns you might have about Dutch elm disease.

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