Alder Shrubs

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Showing all 2 results

General Overview of Alder Shrubs

Alder shrubs are very fast-growing shrubs. These are great shrubs to have in your garden because they provide shade quicker than other trees and shrubs. Almost all of them are deciduous. Moist or wet soil is preferred with good drainage available. When the roots are established, drought is tolerable. Alder trees is considered to be a hardwood and it is used to make cabinets, doors, furniture, flooring, and more!

Early Stages of Growth for Alder Shrubs

This shrub can get up to 20 feet high with branches that spread wide. It is a low forming shrub, but it can develop a single trunk for a small tree. Thickets are usually formed, but not from the seed. Since these shrubs are very fast growing, they only need to be planted in moist soil. They don’t need much care as long as the area gets a good amount of watering and nutrients.

Planting Alder Shrubs

You will be pretty happy with the way these shrubs grow because they can give you some shade quickly in your garden or property. It’s recommended to plant them throughout a garden to ensure nutrients and proper moisture in the soil. You also can plant them alone on your property for shadier areas.

Caring for the Growth

In the early spring, the shrub will produce beautiful flowers. It’s also important to prune branches when they get too wild. Earlier on in the growth, you should be pruning frequently, but when they get to be mature, only once in a while should you prune to maintain a healthy and attractive plant.

Life Expectancy of Alder Shrubs

Alders thrive around riverbanks where there is plenty of moisture. If you’re planting the Alder on your property, make sure it will get enough watering and moisture throughout its life. An Alder shrub can live 50 to 70 years if it’s in the right environment. They can grow pretty wild, so it’s important to take proper care of them if you plan on having them around your property.

Interesting Facts About Alder Shrubs

Alder shrubs can develop a trunk, which is used as hardwood for many reasons. As we said above, many people use Alder wood for household furniture, flooring, and other wooden items because of the thick and durable material it consists of.
Speckled Alder (Alnus rugosa) – The speckled Alder can grow 15-25 feet high with a 15 to 25-foot spread as well due to the branches. This Alder enjoys moist soils with full sun and partial shade. It grows in areas such as northeastern United States and the Great Lakes as well as Canada.

Find the Right Alder Shrub for Your Needs!

At Cold Stream Farm, we have the perfect Alder shrubs at wholesale for you to purchase and plant on your property. We also can provide you with planting techniques, so you can produce a beautiful shrub that will live a long and healthy life. If you’re looking to add beautiful shrubs to your garden or property, choose to go with the Speckled Alder.
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