Shipping Info

Shipment timing:

     Spring orders: Orders are scheduled for a climate zone appropriate time (late February for Southern US states, March-June for Northernmost US locations). DELAYS OCCUR if the product is spring harvested and our ground is frozen, or if the order is submitted or modified during the spring shipping season (generally a 2-5 week delay on late orders). Most seasons evergreens cannot be harvested before late March/early April. If specific timing is requested, we will do our best to schedule and ship accordingly, but we will contact the customer for further instruction if the request cannot be met.
     Fall orders: Shipment is weather dependent and will occur as soon as stock is safely dormant. Most seasons evergreens can be harvested and shipped by mid to late September. Early October for a few species such as cedar or hemlock.  Most leafy deciduous species are shipped following harvest in November-December. If your fall order contains both evergreen and deciduous items and customer has not requested otherwise, they will be shipped together when the latest item is safe to harvest.  If specific timing is requested, we will do our best to schedule and ship accordingly, but we will contact the customer for further instruction if the request cannot be met. Pick up orders must be paid in advance.
Late cancellations may be subject to restocking fee.

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If all items in your order are 2-3′ or shorter, shipping is calculated automatically by website
If any item in your order is 3-4′, and none taller, shipping = order total plus…
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Warrantee: Stock is guaranteed fresh and healthy upon delivery. Please inspect your plants immediately upon delivery. If the plants are not wanted for any reason, they should be returned within 1 week, otherwise contact Cold Stream Farm immediately for alternate return instructions. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. Restocking fees may apply to returned orders.

FALL EVERGREEN SHIPMENTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED due to the significance of environmental factors. EVERGREENS OVER 24” ARE NOT GUARANTEED. All deciduous and spring shipped evergreens under 24” are guaranteed to leaf or bud out. Guarantee does not extend past bud/leaf break. All claims for stock failing to leaf or bud must be made before June or within 30 days of delivery. Store credit on account will be provided for all approved claims. Store credit can be used toward either the purchase of replacement stock or any alternate species.


Payment by personal or business check is due no less than 2 weeks prior to shipment, otherwise order shipment will be delayed. Payment is due March 1st on reserved orders. Receipt of invoice serves as both order confirmation of order and billing statement. Delinquent accounts will be subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month.


Sometimes it’s cheaper to order a few more trees than you need. Keep some for replacements and pass out the rest to neighbors. How their property looks affects how your property looks. To borrow from an old saying, “Good trees build good neighbors!”

All stock should be considered conservation grade.

Early fall orders of mixed evergreen and deciduous are generally scheduled and billed as two separate orders since they should be shipped at different times.

Custom bundling charge is $ .50 per bundle if you require stock to be bundled in numbers other than normal.

For information regarding your state’s restricted species, please visit
*Canada Food and Plant Agency (ph: 800.442.2342) requires all incoming nursery stock to be inspected by the US Dept. of Agriculture and be accompanied by a corresponding Phytosanitary Certificate.  For this inspection, Cold Stream Farm charges $85 for most small orders.  Any additional fees applied by Canadian Customs are the responsibility of the customer.

**We do not sell our customers’ addresses or phone numbers**