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Showing all 9 results

Tree and Shrub Planting Supplies

Since our inception, Cold Stream Farm has been selling retail and wholesale live plants and planting supplies from our headquarters in Free Soil, Michigan. While our primary business and passion fall in line with our wide selection of live shrubs, trees, and other plants, we also carry all of the planting supplies necessary to help you grow and maintain any species that you order.

Our Tree and Shrub Planting Supplies

While we will not have the selection of your local gardening store, Cold Stream Farm carries some of the most necessary equipment for planting and maintaining a healthy shrub or tree growth. As a wholesaler and retailer, we offer quantity discounts on many of our planting supplies and products, which can easily be added to orders of live plants and other purchases.

Stakes, Ties, and Bars

To help get your plants up and running, we supply wholesale and retail stakes, ties, and bars so that your transplants can stand, grow, and thrive. Below, we will outline each of these supplies in a bit more detail.

Bamboo stakes: Our bamboo stakes are one of our best-selling supplies, and available in several sizes. Depending on your plants’ requirements, you can choose between our 36 x ⅜, 36 x ½-¾, and 72 x ¾ sizes. Each of these variants is priced differently, with quantities available at lower prices per unit as order size increases.

We recommend choosing the smallest sized bamboo stakes for assistance with row plant marking and staking small shrubs and trees. The thicker 36-inch stakes can be used to stake 26-inch tree shelters around deciduous shrubs and seedlings. Finally, the largest bamboo stakes can support a 53-inch tree and seedling shelters.

Planting bars: Planting a lot of trees or shrubs? Avoid back pain with one or more wide blade planting bars. We sell planting bars with widths of 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches to best fit your land and labor considerations. Planting bars are also known as dribble bars and are best fit for rocky soil conditions.

Cable ties: Fasten seedlings or plant branches to a stable location with our 1×1 cable ties. While these can be purchased in most hardware stores, our cable ties are available at large quantity discounts independently or alongside your live tree order.

Markers, Protectors, and Shelters

When purchasing with Cold Stream Farm, you can ensure your plant’s success with organizational markers, spiral tree protectors, and full tree shelters.

Seedling markers: Although many landowners have their entire property mapped in their heads, seedling markers can help easily identify plants in their early life stages. We sell ½ inch by 5-inch vinyl seedling tags available in yellow, white, lavender, turquoise, and orange.

Spiral tree protectors: For younger trees, protection and structure are added with our 3-foot spiral tree sleeves. Once mature, our protectors can be easily removed from healthy and thick tree trunks.

Tree tube shelters: For even more protection against the cold and animal browsing, we recommend our corrugated plastic tree shelters. Our shelters come in 26-inch and 53-inch sizes with easy assembly and quantity discounts available.

Fertilizers, Gels, and Weed Suppression Mats

Plant owners may choose to go the extra mile and ensure successful growth with fertilizer tablets, soil moist water storing polymer root gel, and weed suppression mats.

Fertilizer tablets: Cold Stream Farm sells time-release fertilizer tablets which contain 22% Nitrogen, 8% Phosphate, and 2% Potash. They are best placed over 1 inch away from any planted seedling.

Soil moist water storing polymer root gel: Sold by the ounce, one package of our polymer root gel is effective in treating over 1,000 seedlings. The gels should be mixed with soil and water with close attention paid to the included directions.

Weed suppression mats: Finally, weed suppression mats are great for discouraging the growth of competing plants near your new seedlings. Our mats come with stakes and everything you need to get started.

Why purchase from Cold Stream Farm?

For over 40 years, Cold Stream Farm has prided itself on helping our customers transform their outdoor spaces. By purchasing your planting supplies from us, you are supporting an American business that makes it easy to access wholesale live plants for a variety of purposes. To ensure a quality shipment, you may read our terms and conditions to understand our expectations, guarantees, and return policies.

Buy wholesale tree and shrub planting supplies from Cold Stream Farm. 

Cold Stream Farm sells retail and wholesale planting supplies with no minimum order requirements for shipments throughout the United States. All of our tree, shrub, and other planting supplies can be purchased directly through our online store, but customers may feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns. While we may not have the time to assist you with your garden plans, a member of our team will do our best to happily assist you with any Cold Stream Farm order.