Sequoia Trees

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General Overview of Sequoia Trees

Like Redwoods, Sequoia Trees are giants among the tree world and natural wildlife. They’re ancient natural skyscrapers, and we can find them on the west coast region of the United States in Sequoia National Park and Forest. These beasts are something to be amazed by because of the unending trunks that stand extraordinarily tall. The oldest Sequoia has been living for 3,500 years, and the tallest on record stands at 311 feet. These extraordinary trees can be found on the west coast of the United States in places such as Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon, Sierra Nevada western slopes, and Redwood Mountain Grove.

Early Stages of Growth for Sequoia Trees

Sequoia Trees can thrive almost in any environment. In the early stages and even after, Sequoias need a full sun location with complete dry sessions between waterings. They are heat-tolerant species, so extremely cold temperatures might not be the best place for them. The Giant Sequoia is highly adaptable to its environment even in colder temperatures, but it requires its roots to dry out before the next watering.

Planting Sequoia Trees

As a matter of fact, yes you can plant your own giant Sequoia Tree on your property. The technique can be different for planting them, but it will take commitment and dedication to make sure you care for the early stages of growth. A good technique is to care for the Sequoia seedlings in pots before transplanting them outdoors. You can control the watering and feeding enough early on, and then expose them to more sunlight as you spot the seedlings grow.

Caring for the Growth

Of course, you’ll want to be able to grow a giant in your yard, which means caring for the growth early on is important. You should plant them in a large area where the sunlight is shining on them for almost the entire day. This gives them energy and nutrients accompanied with rain cycles and changing seasons for a healthy tree.

Life Expectancy of Sequoia Trees

Giant Sequoias can live to 3,000 years old. Now, we understand you won’t be able to live as long as the tree you plant, but it’s nice to know that if you plant a Sequoia and care for it properly, you’ll be able to witness a tall tree grow and live throughout your lifetime. They die off due to indirect root rot or other weakness to the base of the tree. They may withstand many complications, but if the base is compromised, then their life will decline. It is important to take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening to your tree. If so, then you’ll have an incredibly healthy Sequoia in your yard.

Interesting Facts About Sequoia Trees

Known for their incredible size and thousand-year lifespans, giant sequoias are some of the most famous trees and wildlife in the world. The ancient sequoias located in California are among the largest living things by volume on the entire planet. The branches all the way at the top develop specialized structures called air roots which allow them to absorb moisture from fog hovering around them at the top.

Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) – We can provide you with wholesale Giant Sequoias in a variety of sizes depending on the season and the supplied stock we have. These trees can range from 60-300 feet at maturity and 25-35 feet spread. They enjoy moisture and full sun, and they provide shelter and homes for wildlife such as birds and chipmunks.

Find the Right Sequoia for Your Needs!

At Cold Stream Farm, we can provide you with wholesale Giant Sequoias to plant in your garden or property. We also can provide you with the proper planting and care techniques to ensure a healthy growing tree on your property. If you’ve ever been to Sequoia National Park, you understand the astonishing beauty of a Giant Sequoia Tree. Well now, you have the ability to plant your own with us.

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