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Wholesale Hophornbeam Trees for Sale

Would you like to start attracting more birds, deer, and other small animals to your property? Planting hophornbeam trees is one easy way to do it. The slow-growing hophornbeam trees for sale through Cold Stream Farm produce fruits known to attract ruffed grouse, deer, chickadees, and more. Our wholesale hophornbeam trees for sale also feature a combination of flowers and fruits to spruce up your property and make it look better than ever before.

About the Hophornbeam Tree

Our hophornbeam trees for sale will typically grow to be about 45 feet high when they reach full maturity. They often take a long time to fully mature. They can grow in both full sun and partial shade and prefer soil that is either dry or slightly moist over wet soil. The wholesale hophornbeam trees for sale through Cold Stream Farm grow fruits on them that start off green before changing to tan as they mature. The trees are also sometimes referred to as ironwood because of the extremely tough wood they produce.

Wildlife and the Hophornbeam Tree

If you’re interested in purchasing hophornbeam trees for sale, Cold Stream Farm sells them in several different sizes. We have both wholesale hophornbeam trees for sale as well as retail options. You’ll notice an uptick in the amount of wildlife on your property when you plant hophornbeam trees, and you’ll also get the opportunity to watch them grow slowly over the years. Reach out to us at 231-464-5809 today to order hophornbeam trees for your land.

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