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Latin: Populus tremuloides

Other common names: quaking asp, aspen, golden aspen, mountain aspen, trembling aspen, Vancouver aspen, poplar, popple, alamo blanco, White poplar

Mature Height: 20-60 ft.

Soil / Climate: Grows in most soils provided with adequate moisture and sunlight.

Notes: Goldish yellow leaves in fall. Often planted in groves. Will sucker up from root systems.

Wildlife: The staple tree for the habitat of ruffed grouse, which feed on the bud and catkin. Also a food source for pheasant, orioles, and many others. Often used for nesting by a variety of woodpeckers. This high protein tree is an important feed source for deer and beaver.
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Additional information on Populus tremuloides can be found on the link: USDA / NRCS
PLANTS Database.