Deciduous Shrubs

Wholesale Deciduous Shrubs for Sale

Cold Stream Farms features a wide variety of wholesale deciduous shrubs in Michigan. Our shrubs are native to North American climates and grown for an array of different functional and decorative uses including hunting optimization, landscaping, pollination and more.

Resilient Shrubs, Vines and Grasses

North American shrubs have adapted to Michigan’s weather extremes and their hardy foliage, strong root structures and flexible stems make them an ideal low-maintenance option for gardens, fences, yards, blinds and other hunting situations. These resilient shrubs, vines and grasses naturally grow in many dry, swampy, heavily wooded or arid locations, so they easily endure water and sunlight extremes. The berries, seeds, flowers and leaves of these plants attract a host of different animals and insects, including a wide variety of hunting birds, waterfowl, deer, rabbits and other game as well as songbirds, butterflies, hummingbirds and honey bees.

Each plant features a picture of its mature form, information about recommended soil, sunlight and water situations and what animals it is known to attract. Find the plants you need and order at wholesale prices today.

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