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Showing all 4 results

Wholesale Vines For Sale

Vines are not only beautiful pants, they also provide all sorts of functional value. For example, vines will provide your property with shade, an increased sense of privacy and delicious fruit. Vines are vibrant and can augment nearly any type of landscape design on both residential and commercial properties.

For over 4 decades, Cold Stream Farm has been the premier destination for our customers in search of vines, including vines with flowers. Check out some of the different types vines we sell:

Reasons to Plant Vines

Are you sick of bare, empty spaces on the exterior of your property? If so, vines could be the perfect addition to add to an empty wall or a boring fence. Moreover, with the right species, they will change color depending on the season, so it will feel like you’re incorporating a brand new look.

Vines Can Enhance Your Landscaping

What’s more, vines provide the exterior of your property with vertical appeal and can serve as a barrier to improve privacy and shield you from people walking by. Whenever you’re in the market for vines, shrubs, bareroot trees or another type of landscaping plant, the experts at Cold Stream Farm are readily available to help. We’ve been doing this since 1978, and have the expertise and experience to help you find the ideal selections for your home or business.

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