Live Plants

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Showing 1–16 of 159 results

Live Plants

Based in Free Soil, Michigan, Cold Stream Farm grows, maintains, and sells retail and wholesale live plants throughout the United States. Our headquarters are full of live plants of various sizes and life stages, with most orders shipping out each spring. No matter what kind of live plant you are looking for, it is very likely that Cold Stream Farm either sells it or sells something very similar.

About Our Live Trees and Shrubs

Cold Stream Farm sells over 150 varieties of live trees from our facilities in Free Soil, Michigan. We carry conifers, deciduous trees, shrubs, ferns, grasses, and vines, as well as many of the products and hardware that are necessary to help your plants grow.

There is truly no limit on what you can do with our live trees. Most of our customers own property and add live trees and shrubs to improve the air quality and outdoor design of their space. Our live trees and shrubs are great for landscaping, restoration, adding shade, creating windbreaks, providing ground cover, attracting wildlife, and more.


To begin, conifers are one of our most popular live plant categories, with species such as cedar, spruce, cypress, pine, hemlock, sequoia, redwood, and more. Conifers are “cone-bearing” trees that are typically evergreen full of needle-like leaves.

We supply both wholesale and retail conifers, allowing large purchases for Christmas tree farms and local retailers as well as small, backyard installations. Most of our conifers are fast-growing, helping them efficiently transform an outdoor space.

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

Cold Stream Farm carries over 60 varieties of deciduous trees and shrubs, with live plants available for nearly any growing condition. Large and small, our deciduous trees and shrubs can help attract wildlife and add color to any outdoor space with a variety of flowering and fruit-bearing plants currently available for purchasing.

Many of our live deciduous trees bear edible fruit for use in many different culinary instances. Their timber can be also quite strong, making them perfect for small tree farms supplying woodworking professionals and biofuels.

Ferns, Grasses, Vines, Ground Cover, and More

Low to the ground but attractive in their own way, Cold Stream Farm supplies retail and wholesale ferns and grasses. Our live fern and grass plant varieties are great for placing in gardens, on ledges, and in other small, underutilized spaces. We also carry a few specific ground cover plants to help stop weed growth and encourage better soil conditions.

Crawling up the side of both buildings and other plant varieties, we also sell live vine plants to add texture and color to any outdoor fixture. With a live wild grapevine on your property, Cold Stream Farm makes it easy to attract wildlife or enjoy a snack for yourself.

Why purchase live plants from Cold Stream Farm?

At Cold Stream Farm, we typically cut the hard work out for you by raising perfectly healthy live plants in our nursery all year long. We carefully package and ship all of our orders with over 40 years of experience supplying live plants with immense success.

By purchasing a live plant, it is very easy to transfer your purchase onto your property. While growing bare-root seedlings takes intensive care, you may want to leave that up to the professionals. With transplants of various sizes and strengths, we make it easy to purchase the perfect live plant for your property.

Before purchasing from Cold Stream Farm, you will want to become familiar with which USDA hardiness zone that you are located in. While not all of our plants will survive in tough conditions, we have plenty of species that are tolerant of frost, drought, and other common considerations.

Uses for our Live Plant Selection

With tons of variety and volume available, the possibilities are endless for our live plant shipments. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike can create their perfect outdoor space with live plants to help provide shade, windbreaks, or color. Many of our live plants bear fruit and flowers to help beautify spaces and attract both people and wildlife.

From highway roadside erosion repair to aesthetics in a zen garden, Cold Stream Farm supplies live plants for every practical purpose. With our seamless online ordering system, you can prepare for fresher air and a more attractive outdoor environment as soon as possible.

Shop all of our live plants in the Cold Stream Farm inventory.

For retail and wholesale live plant shipments, Cold Stream Farm supplies orders with no minimum quantity required. Customers may combine live plant species with one another in mixed orders or simply purchase the variety of their choice in one easy shipment. Currently, Cold Stream Farm does not have the staff to assist in recommendations or consultations, however, we are more than happy to help answer questions about orders and future availability for all of our wholesale live plant species.