American Basswood (Tilia americana)

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Latin: Tilia americana

Zones: 3-9

Other common names: American linden, basswood, American Basswood

Mature Height: This is a medium-sized to large deciduous tree reaching a height of 60 to 120 ft (exceptionally 129 ft) with a trunk diameter of 3–4 ft at maturity. The crown is domed, the branches spreading, often pendulous.

Soil / Climate:  It likes moist soil with a relatively high pH. It is often planted on the windward side of an orchard as a protection to young and delicate trees.

Notes:  The bark is gray to light brown, with narrow, well defined fissures. The roots are large, deep, and spreading. Its flowers provide abundant nectar for insects. The seeds are eaten by chipmunks, mice, and squirrels. Rabbits and voles eat the bark, sometimes girdling young trees. The leaves serve as food for caterpillars. It is a common wood for use in the production of solid body electric guitars, where it is considered an analogue for aspen and poplar, because it is light, strong and resonant, though it is usually used for guitars that will be painted an opaque color, because its lack of notable grain makes it an unattractive candidate for transparent finish. The dried flowers are mildly sweet and sticky, and the fruit is somewhat sweet and mucilaginous. Linden tea has a pleasing taste, due to the aromatic volatile oil found in the flowers. The flowers, leaves, wood, and charcoal (obtained from the wood) are used for medicinal purposes. Basswood are an important nectar source for honeybees.

Cold Stream Farm supplies American Basswood trees which are grown as bare root seedlings and transplants and sold both wholesale and retail with no minimum order.
Additional information on Tilia americana can be found on the link: USDA / NRCS PLANTS Database.

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2 reviews for American Basswood (Tilia americana)

  1. sclevelandm

    What a cute sweet healthy little specimen of this tree I received. She is leafing out healthy and strong just a few weeks after I got her. Healthy bare root tree turning from a “stick” to a cutie

  2. Mary Ann

    Basswood bareroot trees were hard for me to find for immediate shipping in October until I found them on I ordered four 3-4′ bareroot trees and I was very impressed with the professional packaging and health of the young trees. They had tiny buds on them and great bareroots packed to keep the roots safe for shipping. I ordered these trees for our honey bees. They are reported to grow 1-2′ per year, up to 50-80′ tall, covered in little yellow flowers that the bees love.

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