Hornbeam (Ironwood)

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Wholesale Hornbeam (Ironwood) Trees for Sale

The Hornbeam (Ironwood) tree is a popular one among the many types of ironwood deciduous trees. While the hornbeam tree sometimes bears the name of the ironwood tree, the two aren’t always describing the same thing.

About Hornbeam and Ironwood Trees

Name discrepancies are an especially important consideration for those seeking a wholesale hornbeam tree or ironwood tree solution. Most in North America will want the American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana), as opposed to the ironwood tree (Ostrya virginiana). You may also see the term Blue Beech used, even though American Hornbeams have no relation to birch trees.

Hornbeam Trees Uses

The wood of the hornbeam tree is hard, strong, and heavy. Because of these properties, this tree lends itself well to several applications. Because of the hardness of the wood, the hornbeam doesn’t see a lot of use for wood furnishings and the like. Carpenters find it too hard to work with for larger projects. Instead, this wood works best as high-quality turning wood, fuel, and the making of heavy-duty wood parts and tools. For example, many wooden tool handles, mallets, carving boards, and even old-school windmills make heavy use of this wood.

Makes for Great Firewood

As for fuel, consider that many people in the past made use of the hornbeam to create charcoal. For more aesthetic applications, the American Hornbeam looks good in a yard or as part of any natural landscape.

Buy your American Hornbeam Trees Today

For someone seeking wholesale ironwood, the American Hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana) can work well for underserved niches that need this wood but find it hard to get. We think that among deciduous trees, the Hornbeam (Ironwood) tree is a good match for those who can appreciate what it offers.

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