Redwood Trees

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General Overview of Redwood Trees

Redwood Trees, some of the most mesmerizing natural structures of the world. Redwoods have been on this planet since the age of the Dinosaurs. They are among the most ancient trees on the planet, and the Redwoods that stand tall to this day are more than 2,000 years old. You can find Redwoods across the world in places such as coastal Northern California at Sequoia and Redwood National Park. There are also Redwood Trees hailing in remote places in China. Ever since they were found there in the 1940s, they have been distributed around the globe.

Early Stages of Growth of Redwood Trees

It’s still quite the mystery of how the Redwoods have grown to be so tall. There are several theories out amongst experts and biologists on why they grow to be so tall. They do not have to rely solely on reproduction compared to other trees. New sprouts can derive from a stump or downed tree’s root system as a clone.

Planting Redwood Trees

Not many people consider planting Redwood Trees because they always think of the extremely tall and ancient trees located on the west coast of the United States. It’s a good thing we have the ability to supply you with the dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) for you to plant.

Caring for the Growth

The beauty of the Redwood Forest is that there is an abundance of other trees, shrubs, fungi, and other plants. Redwood Trees thrive in soil that supports a plethora of other wildlife. This is why Redwoods survive for thousands of years in forests such as this. Caring for your Redwood needs to be the same in this case. If you’re planting a Redwood on your property, it’s important to plant plenty of other shrubs and plants around the tree, so that it can feed off the fruitful soil.

Life Expectancy of Redwood Trees

Like we said before, Redwoods, especially the Dawn Redwood was thought to be extinct until they were discovered in a remote part of China in 1940. Of course, we have known about the Redwood and Sequoia forests on the west coast of the United States for several years now. These giant trees have been around for thousands of years. Redwoods rely on rain in the colder months, and in the warmer months, they feed off of the heavy fog that roles in. If you are located in an area where this occurs, planting a Redwood might be a good idea for its life expectancy.

Interesting Facts About Redwoods

Redwoods are factors in fighting a climate crisis. Redwood forests store more carbon dioxide than any other forest in the world. Trees capture carbon dioxide in order to help fight climate change. So, if you’re planning on planting a healthy tree to assist in helping the environment, then a Redwood is the perfect tree for you.

Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) – The Dawn Redwood is native to China. It enjoys well-drained and moist soils. This redwood is a very fast grower, and it does well in slightly acidic soil, but full sun is needed for a healthy life. The Dawn Redwood lives well in winter cover for birds, small mammals, and deer.

Find the Right Redwood for Your Needs!

At Cold Stream Farm, we can provide you with wholesale Dawn Redwoods for you to plant on your property. We can walk you through all the details and information about this specific Redwood, so you can make sure that you have the proper environment for this tree to grow a healthy life. We can also assist you on planting techniques, so that your Redwoods will flourish and live a long life. If you’re looking to spruce up your garden and property, a Dawn Redwood will be a beautiful addition!

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