Animal Control

When choosing a tree or shrub most people think about the basics; water, soil, location and size. However, another factor to consider when purchasing a new tree or shrub is the wildlife, if any, surrounding your house, business or planting area.  Deer, rabbits and other fowl can seriously cause harm to new and established plant life.   Deer may be the most notorious criminals for eating and feeding on plants and trees.

Deer have selective diets and need high amounts of nutrition. They select easily digestible shoots, young leaves, fresh grasses, soft twigs, fruit, fungi, and lichens.  Since deer have become more and more noticeable in suburban and residential areas, they have adapted to finding new sources of food, including back yards.

There are multiple ways to prevent deer and other animals from invading your property aside from a fence.  Check out this article for proactive solutions.  You can also do extra research before making a decision on a plant or tree to buy.  Under our FAQ’s page, we list  various animals and what they are attracted to eat.  Of course if you’re a hunter, these are helpful in attracting animals to certain areas.  Consider buying something that may not be attractive to animals living in your area.