Benefits to Bare Root Trees and Shrubs

Bare root plants are those with an exposed root structure. This means there is no heavy mud making transport more challenging. There are plenty of advantages to selecting and planting bare root trees and shrubs.

For starters, plants with out mud weighing down the root ball are moved much more easily. This cuts down on labor cost and individual labor effort. Subsequently, bare root trees are typically more affordable than those with heavy mud weighing the roots. Moreover, it’s easier to manage and move when you’re planting.

But all these great benefits can’t be without drawbacks of some sort. The disadvantages to bare root tree and shrub harvesting include the much narrower window of time you are allotted before the plant life is no longer living. So as soon as you bring home or transplant a bare root tree you must put it in the ground as quickly as possible.

And not only do you have a smaller time window when you do have a bare root plant, you are also quite limited seasonally when can plant. Because of soil conditions and pH balances, the only times of the year you can plant bear roots and expect them to survive are mid spring and mid fall.