California’s Trees Are Dying

Alright, can we give California a break? Already experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history, now California is facing another threat: the slow elimination of its trees. We touched on the plight of California’s trees in a previous blog post, how the drought is putting their lives in danger, shattering the aesthetics of neighborhoods from Southern CA to the North. But their lives are on life support, it seems, according to this PE report.

“The United States Forest Service estimates that more than 22 million trees have already died in California. [Governor Jerry] Brown is asking the federal government for additional funding and help for private landowners to remove dead and dying trees. It is important for all of us to do what we can to prevent any die off of any creature on this planet, including trees, but trees play such a vital role in the ecosystem, especially in terms of the atmosphere and the air that we breathe.”

So we weren’t kidding when we said the situation is dire. If we ignore the plight of our trees, we are not only dooming ourselves, but also future generations. If we don’t show the younger generations that we care about the environment, how will they respond when they get older? This is not just a today problem, but one that might have serious ramifications in the following years and beyond.