Cold Stream Farm

Welcome to the official Blog of Cold Stream Farm!  We created this in order to continue to connect with our loyal and new customers.  Communication has been a key to our success and we want to continue to see the relationships with our customers grow.  We’ll continue to write weekly posts in an order to give more information on what we’ve been up to as well as industry related news and trends.  Feel free to comment and let us know how we’re doing or give your opinion on any related subject.   For those unaware, Cold Stream Farm is a wholesale and retail bare root tree and shrub nursery in Michigan. We offer wholesale trees, deciduous shrubs, planting tools and supplies, as well as grasses, vines and ferns. Come visit our Garden Center for additional materials and check out all we have to offer.

Even though planting season is coming to close it’s not too late to plant those perfect shrubs in your front yard, completing a beautiful landscape giving a home an attractive curb appeal friends, family and neighbors will be envious of.  It’s not too late to get a tree in your back yard to start a shady getaway over your patio or deck.  Use a natural shade screen, instead of paying for a bulky awning or overhead.   We begin harvesting and shipping evergreens in late September, while most deciduous trees and shrubs are not harvested until November.  We have a larger selection earlier for your convenience.  Check out our categories section which includes planting tools and supplies, different shrubs and tree selections, vines, grasses, ground cover, ferns and seed.  We have everything you need to create a masterful looking yard.

We even ship directly to your home and you can order directly from our site.  Our shipping page has additional information on guarantees and shipping costs.  Hopefully this gives you a little more information on we can do for you. Check back often for more information and news.