Colorado Ranger Plans to Save a Forest

People of Minnesota, Scott Snelson is coming your way. Here is his story:

Maroon Lake in the White River National Forest

Located in northwest Colorado, the White River National Forest has been starting to suffer from the negative effects of climate change and human impact. However, one man who cares deeply about the forest took action. For several years, Scott Snelson has been the ranger for the Aspen-Sopris district in Colorado. While Snelson is far from an environmental activist, his knowledge and passion for the White River National Forest has led him down a different path.

From the outside, everything in the forest may seem fine to visitors. However, Snelson has a deep and intimate knowledge built up from his time spent in the area. He has come to realize that several aspects of the area have become damaged by human activity such as mining and logging. There are numerous problems cropping up in the forest, including drought and other negative things that could endanger the wildlife in the surrounding area.

With his background as a hydrologist, Snelson decided to come up with a solution. Because there is not one simple fix to the problems that the forest is facing, Snelson began a number of projects. Some of his goals were to stop soil erosion and keep the water uncontaminated. With the help of several wildlife groups and other organizations, Snelson hopes to save this land from the fate other areas have already suffered. Although he is leaving the Aspen-Sopris district and coming to Minnesota, he has successfully laid the groundwork for water conservation, climate change and forest preservation.

Scott Snelson is a reminder to all that the world around us is full of life, and it needs to be taken care of. If you live in an area with parks and forests, don’t let them go to waste. Talk to your local officials and see if there is anything you can do to preserve these lands for future generations to enjoy as much as you did.

Mr. Snelson, you have the support of Cold Stream Farm!


*For more information on Snelson, please read Scott Condon’s Aspen Times article.

*Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture