Deer Proof: Protecting Your Young Plants

How often have deer or other wild animals discouraged you from growing a garden? Have you ever had saplings or any other type of young plants cut down in their prime by a doe, buck and their hungry fawns? The deer population has been growing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to grow trees and plants to adulthood without them being chomped down to a stump.

Deer and Young PlantsThis should not deter you from growing plant life on your property. If you go the extra mile and follow these tips, you can successfully deer proof your garden or landscaping, allowing your precious shrubbery and saplings to live long, prosperous lives.

If you have a garden, it might be worthwhile to keep the entire perimeter off-limits to deer and other wildlife. An 8-foot woven fence is tall enough to prevent deer from jumping into your enclosure. It is also smart to install wire at the bottom to ensure that no animals can climb or burrow under the fence. While it might not be the prettiest thing to look at, fences are extremely effective in keeping your young plants safe from the insatiable appetites of roaming deer.

If you care a lot about the way your plants look, a fence might not be the way to go. Instead, you can place deterrents around individual plants. Deer tend to stay clear of plants that have been sprayed down with specific deer repellants. You can find these commonly at nurseries, gardening and hardware stores. You can also concoct your own repellant. It may sound weird but meat scraps, ammonium, blood, tar, oil and even human hair can be sprinkled around the plants you want protected.

Plants are worth fighting for. They are defenseless to deer, because deer have the advantage of teeth and mobility. The good news is that we have the upper hand on deer, so we can do many things to keep these pesky animals away from our young plants.

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