Detroit Launches Initiative to Plant 10,000 New Trees

Detroit Launches Initiative to Plant 10,000 New TreesUrban forestry doesn’t just make cities more attractive; it can make them healthier and more sustainable as well. Cities and towns that have an abundance of trees tend to have lower crime rates, higher property values and cleaner air. The air-purifying properties of trees are especially beneficial in industrial centers where smog and airborne particulates can cause respiratory health issues like asthma.

With these benefits of urban forestry in mind, Detroit city officials have launched a “10,000 Up” program which aims to plant 10,000 trees throughout the city over the next three years. This ambitious initiative is part of a larger 10-point plan for revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods that’s being spearheaded by Mayor Mike Duggan’s administration. The city plans to spend roughly $3 million annually to finance the 10,000 Up initiative.

Many of the new plantings will replace older trees that were damaged by storms, disease and the invasive Emerald Ash Borer. Thanks to relatively warm fall temperatures, landscapers have already planted about 900 trees across Detroit this season. The program will plant a wide variety of tree species in the city, including black gum, maple and ginkgo. Detroit residents are also being asked to provide input on which areas could benefit most from the new trees.

“I think the city’s program is exactly what we need,” said local resident Esmond Holmes in an interview with The Detroit News. “It’s the birth of a new generation of fresh air. It gives the homeowner something to look forward to.”

With 10,000 new trees on the way, Detroit’s homeowners will certainly have something to celebrate!