Did you use Cold Stream Farm food plot seed this deer gun-season?

Now the reports are coming in, from all across America.  By all accounts, it was a mixed deer-gun season.  Some states had positive numbers.  Others…not so much.  In Ohio, for instance, hunters will have an additional weekend to hunt.  In Michigan, the numbers weren’t as positive as Cold Stream Farm would like to see.  The Traverse City Record-Eagle reports, “The 2012 firearm deer hunting season harvest in Michigan appears similar to that of the 2011 season or up slightly, officials said.” Though we’d like to see higher numbers, it’s understandable.  Many deer in the area were afflicted with epizootic hemorrhagic disease.  You can find the report here.

We hope that area hunters made use of our line of Pennington Buckmasters and Rackmaster food plot seed.  Food plot seed is certainly the way to go if you want to attract a group of animals to your land.  Hunters, you may want to consider this for next year.  Let the bucks come to you or, as James Earl Jones puts it in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.” We guarantee you a successful deer gun-season.  The numbers should be higher next year, as deer afflicted with epizootic hemorrhagic disease will hopefully decrease.

What is epizootic hemorrhagic disease, you may be wondering?  Well, it’s an orbivirus (transmitted by ticks) infecting White-tailed deer.  There’s internal hemorrhaging and the deer dies shortly after being infected.  If anything, epizootic hemorrhagic disease certainly had an impact on the number of deer this season.  Either way, Cold Stream Farm suggests the use of food plot seed next season.

-Cold Stream Farm info@coldstreamfarm.net