Fall is the Time to Plant Trees, Shrubs

Although spring is known as the “flower child” of gardening, there are many great opportunities to plant in the fall as well. Specifically, gardeners should consider planting trees and shrubs during autumn since there are many noticeable planting benefits.

Have you ever wanted to get out in garden in the spring or summer, but it was just too hot? That is one of the many reasons why fall is great for planting – for both you and the plants. Although the air is cool, the soil is still warm from the summer, which means the roots of shrubs and trees can grow until the ground freezes.

Dogwood ShrubsPlus, with less rain in the fall, you will have more opportunities to get out and plant in the easy-to-work-with soil. In the fall, there should be just enough rain to keep your plants watered, but if you notice you are having a dry autumn, you can still deeply water your plants without the fear of drought or freezing.

Autumn also means that pests and disease problems for plants are ending, giving you the best chance to successfully plant and keep a healthy tree or shrub without needing to treat with pesticides. You also won’t need fertilizer – which can often attract pests to your garden—since plants generally tend to absorb all the nutrients possible in preparation for the dormant season. Although you want your roots to grow, you want to avoid fresh buds that can be killed by the winter weather, which is why it is best to wait to fertilize in the spring.

With extra free time in the fall, it is the perfect time to get out and garden. For most areas, the best time for autumn planting is between September and November, which means it is time for you to order your shrubs and trees and plan a weekend of planting before the big football games!

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