How To Hardscape Your Garden 

Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements in your garden. This can include rocks, outdoor furniture, water displays, and more. Hardscaping adds design and texture to a garden. It also creates a space to relax and unwind while you enjoy all your plants and shrubs. 

Here are a few tips for hardscaping your garden: 

Map Out Your Design 

Before you begin to hardscape your garden, first decide what you want to be included. Start by sketching a rough draft of your garden. Use the open spaces to see what hardscaping elements you can add that will best accentuate your plants, shrubs, and trees. Once you have an idea of the space you have to work with, you can draw in those elements like rocks or furniture wherever they fit best. Be sure to set a goal for your garden. If you want a small sitting area or a complete outside dining experience, be sure to have this in mind before you begin. 

Create A Path 

One of the best ways to include hardscaping in your garden is to create a pathway or barrier. This will help distinguish your garden from the walking path. This is also a way to protect your garden by showing where it is safe to walk and what areas for guests to stay away from. Use landscaping rocks to create borders around flower beds or bushes. You can also lay flat stones to create an easy walking path. 

Add Water Features 

Another great element to include in a garden is a water feature. There are a variety of fountains that will work for gardens of any size. You can purchase a fountain or set aside time to try a DIY fountain! Water adds soothing natural sounds that are both relaxing and also help attract birds. Birds help to aid in the progression of your garden by pollinating flowers and eating weeds/ small garden pests. 

With these tips in mind, you can improve your garden and help preserve your plants and trees with the help of hardscaping. 

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