How to Protect Yourself against a Dangerous Landslide from Occurring on Your Property

In some areas, property owners may have to contend with the risks of landslides damaging or destroying their real estate investment. Across the country, there have been many stories reported in news publications and broadcasts involving harrowing tales of shifting lands that can change the topography of an area in seconds. Here at Cold Stream Farm, we want to let our blog readers know how our products can help protect them against a dangerous landslide from occurring on their property.

The conditions that increase the risk of land giving way on a piece of real estate can often develop without any notice or forewarning. For example, look at the landslide story discussed in this news report published by the Idaho State Journal. A recent situation in the city of Logan thankfully resulted in no deaths, but three feet of mud moving from one person’s yard to another can certainly wreck a lot of havoc.

Local officials in Logan think they have some ideas about what caused the landslide. A water meter reading conducted by public works employees at the affected property showed that nearly 175,000 gallons of water passed through that property’s system within the past few weeks. A neighbor believes that a faulty sprinkler valve was the likely culprit in this case.

There are plenty of things that a property owner can do or avoid doing in order to help protect their property against a landslide, especially if a piece of real estate rests on sloped land or above a bluff. As this article by The North Kitsap Herald discusses, planting trees, shrubbery and other vegetation not only absorb excess water, but their roots can solidify the ground and serve as a very useful anchor.

From shrubs to conifers to deciduous trees, Cold Stream Farm has the nursery inventory you need to fill your property with verdant fauna. Keep checking our blog to learn about all the great ways our business can help improve your livelihood.