How to Tell If a Shrub Is Healthy

Whether you have been planting shrubs for years or you are just getting started, there are a few things you should know about planting and growing shrubs. Of course, being able to identify whether or not a shrub is healthy is an important skill to have. But just how can you tell at a glance what type of shape your shrubs are in? Take a look at the following tips and you will be able to differentiate between healthy and dying shrubs in no time.

Healthy Branches

One of the most obvious signs that your shrub is healthy is that it doesn’t have any dead or broken branches. If you notice several branches around your shrub that have either fallen off or look like they’re about to break off, you may have a problem. That’s because several different types of insects and even diseases use the branches as a way to enter a shrub. Once this happens, it may be too late to save.

Annual Growth of Shrubs

Another major sign that your shrub is healthy is that you notice is growing ever year. You should be able to see new growth on their bases and branches on a regular basis. If this process ever stops for an extended period of time, your shrub may be dying.

No Signs of Wilting

Finally, a healthy shrub should show no signs of wilting. Some of the most common causes of wilting include being over-water, receiving too much sunlight or not enough, and diseases. Try to correct these problems before too much damage is done to the shrub.

Of course, there are many other signs that indicate whether or not a shrub is healthy. Learning what a normal, healthy shrub looks like can help you spot signs any time something is wrong.

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