Light Right: Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Christmas Trees

One way people choose to show their holiday spirit is by decorating the outside of their homes. However, many of them choose not to decorate any trees in the front of their yard because they don’t know where to start. Don’t let that hold you back any longer. Check out these tips to help you decorate your outdoor trees.

Lighting an Outdoor Christmas TreeTake Measurements

Before you even purchase the lights you want to hang on it, take some measurements of the tree. Figure out what the circumference of it is and count the number of branches you want to cover in lights. From there, determine how much space you want in between the lights on the branches. Once you have that information, you will know exactly how many lights you need to purchase for the tree.

Check the Lights

This fact holds true whether you’re decorating indoors or outdoors – check the lights. Plug them in an outlet and check to make sure that they not only all work, but that they are what you expected them to look like. If they’re not what you thought, don’t just settle for what you ended up with. Return them and get the right lights.

Secure a Power Source

It’s a no brainer that you will have to use an extension cord for the lights. Once you figure out which outdoor outlet you are going to use, be sure to secure the cord. To do this, stake a dowel rod into the ground at the base of the tree and tie the cord around it. This will prevent the cord from moving and minimize how much it might be pulled in the elements.

Wrap It Up

Now that everything else is set, start wrapping your tree with lights. Start at the base and work your way up through the branches. From there, start covering the branches and if you have more lights left over, cover, even more, branches. The more of the tree you have lit up, the better it’s going to look and there is no such thing as too many lights on a tree.

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