The Oldest Known Trees

Long-Lasting Trees: What Are the Oldest Known Trees?It is no secret that trees can live for a long time, but did you know that some trees have been around for almost 10,000 years? It’s true! If you are ready to grasp just how long trees can stick around, then check out these oldest trees!

Old Tjikko

Known as the oldest tree in the world, Sweden’s Old Tjikko started planting its first roots more than 9,550 years ago. The tree was originally discovered by geologist Leif Kullman, who named it after a beloved dog of his that had died.


Second place for the oldest tree in existence goes to California’s Methuselah. Located in the state’s White Mountains, this bristlecone pine tree is more than 5,000 years old. The tree is so highly protected that the actual location of it is top secret.


With a home in North Wales, Llangernyw is a full and vibrant 4,000-year-old yew tree. This expansive tree is so old that it was first putting down roots as the Egyptian Pyramids were being finished! Today the tree still stands connected with funeral monuments in its home amid a church graveyard.

Zoroastrian Sarv

The pride and joy of Iran, the Zoroastrian Sarv, also known as the Cypress of Abarkuh, is another 4,000-year-old tree – a cypress – that has been around since the advent of the wheel in Central Asia. The tree is actually revered as a national monument in Iran. With multiple trunks growing from the same roots, the tree has also achieved an exceptional size – it’s 18 meters or nearly 60 feet in circumference, according to Monumental Trees!

Fitzroya Cupressoides

Coming back to the Americas, the Fitzroya Cupressoides is a notably large breed of tree that is native to Chile. Found in the Andes mountain range, these skinny evergreen trees are known to live for an exceptionally long lifespan. While many of these trees have fallen to the lumber industry during the past two centuries, Mental Floss notes that scientists in the nation are protecting a tree there that is believed to be more than 3,600 years old.

The Tree of One Hundred Horses

More than just a catchy name, Cicily’s Tree of One Hundred Horses is a gigantic chestnut tree that is between 2,000 and 4,000 years old. The name comes from a legend in which 100 knights took refuge under this tree during an infamously rainy storm. Monumental Trees notes that the girth of the multiple trunks gives this tree a whopping 23.61-meter (77.5-foot) circumference, lending credence to the tale of all those knights finding shelter beneath this tree’s incredible span of branches.

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