Planting Supplies

You can’t build a garden or maintain your landscape without planting supplies. At Cold Stream Farm, we can provide you with the proper planting supplies to build a successful landscape for you to be proud of. We have a plethora of planting supplies that can help with your gardening project, and we’d like you to have all the tools you need to complete the job.

Bamboo Stakes

You’d be surprised on how beneficial bamboo stakes can be in your garden. When building a new garden on your property, it’s always important to have the best tools to help you with during the process. Bamboo stakes can be an essential use for plants such as tomatoes and other tall fruits and plants. These stakes can prevent plants from getting any soilborne diseases, which will help your garden blossom into something beautiful.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are extremely useful for many things in the yard. When you look to plant trees on your property, new ones need to have tree stakes put in for a few years, so they can be supported during the early growth years. Cable ties are used to keep the tree stakes tied to the tree trunk for growing straight. You can also use cable ties around bamboo stakes for tomato plants, so they can also grow healthy and straight.

Fertilizer Tablets

With fertilizer tablets, you have the ability to feed your plants in a natural way without having to continue to fertilize your garden or plants multiple times a year. If you’re looking for a safe way to help your plants grow in your garden or flower bed, fertilizer tablets are your best bet for getting the job done. Starting a new garden or transplanting a garden can be tough to get off the ground, but when you can give them a boost with fertilizer tablets, you won’t have to worry that your garden won’t grow into a beautiful landscape in the future.

Planting Bars

Planting flowers and trees by hand can be a difficult task. Most of the time, it requires bending over to plant in the soil, which can cause strain on your back. With a planting bar, you have the ability to dig up holes in the soil without stress. Planting bars can be a very beneficial tool for you to have at your home, especially when it comes to garden and yard work.

What are Planting Bars Used for?

Planting bars are one of the most versatile tools you’ll have in your garage. From digging up holes for trees or plants to transplanting, the planting bar relieves the stress of digging by hand, even though you’ll be using your hands with the panting bar.

  • Used for Planting Trees and Flowers
  • Transplanting
  • Edging Your Garden
  • Mixing up Soil and Digging Weeds

Seedling Markers

Seedling markers can be used for many different plants. Usually, seedling markers are used to mark the place of newly planted seeds, so you can keep an eye on the new garden. You want to make sure you’re taking care of each plant differently for what they need, so seedling markers will help you to identify the right plants where they’re placed. You can also use seedling markers to mark out growing plants that you may not be able to identify right away. If you’re building a new garden and you don’t have experience with gardening, seedling markers will allow you to keep everything organized. Gardening is all about organization and caretaking.

What are seedling markers most important for?

When planting a new garden, there are certain plants that you’ll have to mark and make sure you can identify them. Here are the most important plants to mark with seedling markers:

  • New Vegetable Gardens (tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, peppers, etc.)
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • New Flower Beds

Seedling markers come in handy every year when you plan on planting new flowers, trees, or other plants. You never can have too many seedling markers because you’ll probably use them at some point.

Soil Moist Water Storing Polymer Root Gel

A soil moist is an extremely vital product used to reduce plant watering and reduce transplant shock/soil compaction. The most important thing to know about this tool is that it will save you time and labor, which can ultimately prevent plant loss. When transplanting and building new flower beds, the soil moist water storing polymer root gel can help flowers grow exponentially.

How It Is Used

For the most part, the soil moist is best used with containers, baskets, flower beds, window boxes, trees, shrubs, turf and perennials.

Spiral Tree Protectors

Spiral Tree Protectors are extremely beneficial for protecting tree bark from many elements of the outdoors. You may have seen newly planted trees with small trunks containing a wrap around them. These are considered spiral tree protectors. The spiral tree protector is meant to open up as the tree grows into maturity, which is why the spiral tree protector shouldn’t be restricted by any ties. Rodents, as well as rabbits enjoy getting at the newly planted trees, and this product will help to protect against the pests creating a healthy environment for those trees to grow in.

Tree Tubes/Tree Shelters

Tree tubes or tree shelters in other words are just another source of protection for growing trees. There are many ways to grow and protect your trees and tree tubes can be a great way to do so. Tree tubes can protect your trees against deer, rabbit, and rodents from damaging the new trees. The tree will be protected until it grows over the tube, but it will be mature by then. Tree shelters can reduce the moisture, which will help your tree grow more effectively and quickly.

Weed Suppression Mat with Stakes

The best way to prevent weeds from growing is to make sure they have no room to grow. With the weed suppression mat, you’ll be able to cover the ground around transplants and new plants to control weed growth. The best way to lay these mats down is to set them on a decline away from the plants to prevent water from building up and drowning the plants during irrigation. Our weed suppression mats come with metal stakes, so they will stay placed on the soil.

Cold Stream Farm Can Help You Find the Right Planting Supplies for Your Needs!

Here at Cold Stream Farm, we understand the importance of planting supplies when it comes to gardening and landscaping. From planting trees to gardens, our planting supplies will give you the relief you need for maintaining healthy trees and a vital garden. If you’re looking to help make your landscape a beautiful atmosphere, contact Cold Stream Farm at 231-464-5809 today or visit us online for more information!

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