Plants Deers Won’t Eat

There’s no denying that American deer are beautiful, majestic creatures that can provide a breathtaking sight in the wild. In the backyards of our homes, however, they can be a major nuisance, especially when they nip at the tender foliage of our gardens for a little snack. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep deer from running rampant across your nicely designed landscape, and we’d like to share some of those today with our readers here on the Cold Stream Farm blog.

We’re often asked about deer-resistant plants by our customers, and we offer plenty of options through our online wholesale store. From conifers to shrubs to deciduous trees, many of our products will increase the aesthetic appearance of your yard while naturally detracting from the amount of deer frequenting your property.

Our redwoods, spruce trees and even some of our cedar trees are sturdy conifers against which the larger backdrop of your deer-resistant landscape design can take shape. Birch and walnut trees can create more density as well as some difference in height to give your landscape more of a layered effect. Low-lying shrubs like lilac and chokeberry provide color and also help to steer deer away from the vicinity.

This article published by Houston-area publication The Courier discusses some other ways that homeowners can deter deer from nibbling at the plants on their property. A fence is often a good choice, especially in drought, when deer will even pick at the plants that they don’t like to eat. You can also use some camouflage gardening techniques to protect plants that deer munch on. Hiding a plant like grape, oak or chestnut trees behind lilacs and other fragrant deer-resistant plants can effectively shield these plants from a deer’s nose.

Whether you want to keep wildlife away from your property, or you’d like to build a sanctuary that welcomes all living creatures, Cold Stream Farm has the wholesale inventory capable of designed the landscape of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about the seasonal products we have in stock.