The Benefits of Groundcover for Your Garden

When building a garden or fixing up your old garden for the next season, you may be wondering what you should lay down on your soil in some places of the garden. You want to make sure your garden is healthy and thriving in the next season. Groundcover is one of those plants that can help maintain healthy soil for your garden. At Cold Stream Farm, we can provide you with groundcover for your garden or landscape.

What Does Groundcover Do for Your Garden?

Groundcover like Bearberry (Arctostaphy uva-ursi), provides protection for your topsoil and prevents erosion and drought in your garden. You also may have some trouble stopping weeds from raiding your garden. With groundcover, it will help to suppress weeds and provide a natural texture to your garden. You don’t have to add a tarp over the soil and around plants to stop weeds anymore!

Groundcover doesn’t just help your soil stay healthy. It also provides another beautiful look to your yard or business. It can play the role of covering up dead grass or spots where grass cannot grow well. You can also fill up spaces between your flagstone patio or paver patio within the cracks.

Why Choose Groundcover?

You may be trying to figure out what you want to do to spruce up your landscape or garden. Well, groundcover is a simple solution to the problem. If you’ve never planted groundcover before, this year might be the year to do so. You may even like the look and benefits so much that you’ll never go back to any other plant.

The Bearberry prefers sand or well drained gravelly light loam. It does well in sun or partial shade, so make sure your garden is somewhere where the sun hits quite a bit. You’ll enjoy the Bearberry because it attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

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