The Fight against Deforestation

When thinking of trees nowadays, it is tough to feel optimistic. There is always something sad in the news about dying trees or how many are facing a high risk of disease. With the climate talks in Paris taking center stage, one would hope that more environmentally friendly news would follow.

While those talks have been positive in many ways, partly because any environmentally friendly publicity is good and it is refreshing to see world leaders working together for the common good of saving the earth, there is still much that we need to do, especially concerning tree species in the Amazon. This was a topic of conversation at the Paris climate talks and rightfully so, because the problem is getting out of control.

Design & Trend reports, “A new study has found that between 36 percent and 57 percent of all tree species in the Amazon are at risk of extinction – dependent on future deforestation rates […] If this figure is correct, the number of threatened plant species on Earth is about 22 percent higher than current figures.”

What this implies is that the deforestation problem in the world might be worse than originally thought and that means many more tree species are threatened with possible annihilation. Whether we do, as the article points out, “business-as-usual” or “increased governance,” we must decrease the deforestation occurring around the world. Global deforestation is a serious problem and we must come with a serious solution. If you love trees, this is your fight. Who hates trees? That makes this all of our fight.