The Importance of Tree Tubes and Tree Shelters for Healthy Growth

Trying to protect seedlings from local animals and weather conditions is a tough feat without a little help. Planting trees can be a difficult task if you’re not taking care of them properly. When seasons change, it’s important to be aware of how weather elements can affect the tree’s growth and what to do to help them stay healthy.

Tree tubes, or tree shelters, aid in the successful growth and development of young seedlings. To work, tree tubes must be reliable and strong, and high-quality tree shelters can offer you a vast number of benefits.

Tree Shelters Provide Protection to Seedlings

Tree tubes protect new seedlings from the hungry bellies of deer and the chewing instincts of rodents like mice, rabbits, and voles. Ensure your tree tube is tall enough to ward off deer and tight enough to the ground to keep rodents out. Securely stake your tree shelter to the ground so deer cannot push the shelter over to get to the seedlings.

Tree Shelters Increase Visibility of Young Trees

With their tall and obvious presence, tree shelters make your young trees more visible. By acting as markers, tree tubes show where each new tree is planted, allowing for quick inspection. This also protects seedlings from potential mechanical damage caused by careless lawn mowing or weed eating. The easier you make it to find and track your trees, the less likely they will encounter damage from human error.

Tree Shelters Contribute to Tree Growth

Acting like a greenhouse, tree shelters contribute to tree growth by providing young seedlings with an ideal growing environment. These tree shelters increase air temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels, helping trees grow tall and strong. Tree tubes also protect the young trees from wind damage and fluctuating temperatures by maintaining a stable environment.

When you take care of your trees at a young age, they’ll be able to grow into healthy trees over the years to come. Planting trees is also a great way to bring life to new vegetation on your property, and you are helping the environment out at the same time. With plenty of trees on your land, you’ll be creating a breathable environment for you and your family.

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