The Keeping of the Survivor Tree

With yet another September passing, people all around the United States were remembering the effects of 9/11, and that included one irrigation company who has been part of the monitoring team for the various trees planted at the 9/11 memorial.

Among the memorial are hundreds of trees that were planted as a means of showing that life can grow where death had occurred. But most important of all these trees is the one survivor tree, which was found at ground zero, bent and burnt, but still alive, and was nursed back to health in Manhattan before being transferred to the memorial ground.

This survivor tree, above all the others shows the true vigor and fortification that life has in the world, as despite the burnt trunk, the tree has arms that have grown back into beautiful bloom. This is precisely why, of all the trees, Baseline Inc., the irrigation company monitoring the health of the trees, has made sure that someone was always checking these trees so they could continue to shine with a testament of life living on, and to honor the lives that were lost that day.

Baseline Inc. monitors and keeps these trees alive through a unique moisture-monitoring device they have been utilizing with all the trees around the Freedom Tower. The device provides them with immense information on making sure that each tree will handle the winter season, and continue to bloom with each spring. But they have specifically mentioned just how important it is to them to keep the Survivor tree alive.

Hopefully the survivor tree does keep burning bright to show the perfect defiance that even nature has to offer against what occurred on 9/11.