The Low Maintenance Problem Solver Plants

When it comes to planting trees and shrubs and other vegetation in a garden or around your home the last thing most people turn to are the ground covering plants. And it’s sad too, because these types of plants are more than just a filler for when you don’t know what else to plant. They have their unique aesthetic though that some people just can’t figure out, even if they know other plants well.

The key with vines and groundcovers all has to do with making sure you have other things with it. That doesn’t mean you use the vines as filler though because the other things could be anything. You can plant vines at the bottom of a wooden table and chair set up and then over time they will grow up and surround the furniture, giving this eerie and olden appeal. No other plants were involved for it, just another something.

The same could be said for scaling vines up your house or barn. All you need are the walls of the house and the vines, no other plants are necessary and you can even keep them trimmed easily so they only cover a small section of your house. But even if you do trim the vines, they grow rather fast compared to an average plant, but slow to us. You only have to keep them trimmed every once in a while so they don’t get out of hand, otherwise they are one of the most low-maintenance plants you could possibly have. You just set them up with space to grow and they go off on their own with a little water. It’s like those sponges that would grow twelve times their size when you got them wet and they would look like dinosaurs and such.

But if you want to spend some time with your vines or groundcovers, you can even trim them into incredibly unique designs, and even then they still only need minimal maintenance unless you have a rather complicated and intricate design to keep up with. That’s what makes these plants so versatile and effective though.