This Fern Is a Great Indoor Plant For Your Home

Cold Stream Farm makes it a priority to offer an extensive inventory of shrubs, trees and plants to suit a wide range of needs.  While most of our plants are meant for the outdoors, there are a few that can thrive as houseplants as well.  Take ferns for instance. Although many people use them as a filler backdrop for gardens  since they are deer resistant, you can also enjoy them indoors as well if that is your preference. In fact, the ideal fern to take indoors is the Maidenhair Fern.

Maidenhair Fern

A tropical fern, the Maidenhair has bright, airy foliage that is delicate and textured.  Notably, it is in need of consistent moisture, so be cognizant of where you place this beautiful plant. If a Maidenhair Fern does not receive consistent watering, it can wilt its growth may be stunted. As such, you should consider placing a Maidenhair in your kitchen or bathroom where there is more moisture in the air. With the right amount of humidity, these plants are sure to thrive.

If plants in your bathrooms or kitchens are no-go, then plant them within terrariums.  Be mindful not to let the plants directly touch the water in base as this will rot the roots.  Another option is to add a humidifier to the room you place the fern. Fortunately, once the humidity is optimal, this plant will adapt relatively easily indoors.

Maintaining Potted Ferns

Between April and into September fertilize your potted ferns once a month using a houseplant formula mixed at 1/2 strength. As with an outdoor fern, there is no need to fertilizer in fall and winter which is typically their resting season.

Not all plants can adapt to both outdoor and indoor climates, which is what makes the Maidenhair Fern so special.  They truly are flexible plants!

If you would like to learn more about which ferns best suit your needs, contact Cold Stream Farm today.