This Year, Let’s Be Thankful for Trees

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away and many are thinking about what they are thankful for in their lives. Not many are thankful for the trees that are all around them.

After decades of neglect, people and countries all over the world are taking a stand against deforestation. It is, clearly, a negative force in terms of health for the environment and us, causing an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and assisting in global warming. Is there anything more discouraging than seeing a cleared and burned land where a forest used to be? Frankly, it kills the soul. It is imperative that we do our best to reverse the effects of deforestation.

Thankfully, we are indeed taking those steps and with the help of advanced technology, we are now able to see where forests are growing and where they are dying.  Global Forest Change is a simple and good site to utilize if you are curious at forest levels around the world, from Northeast United States to the “blue” trees of Siberia. We must protect these lands.

Armed with digitized maps and with the support of governments and corporate leaders, we seem to be on the road to reversing deforestation effects. In the article, “Where the trees are disappearing,” Daniel J. Zarin of writes, “Similar zero-deforestation pledges have been made by corporate leaders, including the board of the Consumer Goods Forum, a mammoth private sector consortium that includes hundreds of companies with combined revenues of more than $3 trillion annually.”

So, it seems we have moved on from the Pledge of Allegiance to a Pledge of Zero-deforestation. Making this pledge is perhaps the best way to be thankful for trees this holiday season. Have you made a Pledge of Zero-deforestation? If so, why don’t you take that next step and plant a couple of trees? At Cold Stream Farm, Michigan’s best shrub and tree nursery, we have the finest selection of bare root trees on the market. Make that pledge and contact us today!