Tips for Planting Trees on Your Commercial Property

If you own a business, you understand that the appearance of your property means a lot. When you want to take the overall look of your commercial property to the next level, consider adding trees, shrubs or other plant life to show you take pride in your business.

Adding trees, grasses and more to a dull landscape is sure to attract attention to your business, ultimately making it a great long-term investment.


Get to know your property

You’ll want to plant something that will not only grow, but flourish on your property. One way to accomplish this is by gaining a better understanding of your land’s soil. This can be done by purchasing a standard soil test kit. These can be picked up at most home improvement stores, and there are many available that can read pH levels, test for moisture, sunlight and more in real time.

These tests can help determine how to stabilize pH levels and can tell you which areas on your property are more conducive to planting. If you’re unsure of what to do with the results, an experienced tree company can give you recommendations for improving your property’s soil, which plants to choose and more.

Consider curb appeal

Once you know which plants to choose, and the best areas to plant them, you can then focus on creating a landscape that will attract passersby. Although having healthy tree and plant life is essential, it’s also important to have something that will grab a potential customer’s attention to have them remember your business.

Having beautiful trees, shrubs, lush grass and other plants on your property will not only take your commercial site’s curb appeal to a new level, but will show that you really care about your business, which can bring you more customers in the long run.

Make things functional

Functionality is especially important if you own a restaurant, coffee house, brewery or other business where customers may be sitting outside. If your commercial property has a patio or other outside seating, consider adding trees or shrubs in strategic locations to create a comfortable, sun-free space for patrons to relax and enjoy a meal. Even adding a garden around your patio can create a more relaxing and inviting feel for customers.

When you are ready to take your commercial property’s landscaping to new heights, call on a team that will provide you with all the trees and shrubs you require. In Free Soil, MI that is Cold Stream Farm.

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