Trees Are Doing Their Part to Save the World

Private gardeners may purchase and plant a tree for shade or as a perfect place to build a tree fort or hang a tire swing, which is wonderful. The more trees the better, whatever the reason. However, there are quite a few more reasons to add trees to your backyard.

Trees are doing their part to save the world. As much as they can, anyhow. Trees absorb CO2, one of the major greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. A single acre of mature trees absorbs as much CO2 as a car that has gone 26,000 miles emits. Trees also absorb odors and pollutant gases, cleaning the air by filtering out particulates on their leaves and bark. And while absorbing all of the funky stuff, a single acre of mature trees provides about enough oxygen in a year to support 18 adults.

Direct shade over a barbecue or playground area is wonderful in warmer climates, but strategically placed trees providing shade over a home can cut air conditioning and energy costs by up to 50%. In locations where soil erosion is a problem, tree roots slow runoff and hold soil in place, aiding to staunch erosion.

Trees also reduce UV-B exposure by up to 50%. This is particularly important, as skin cancer, cause by exposure to ultraviolet rays, is currently the most common form of cancer in the U.S.

Tree plantings also bring diverse communities together. In a public space, communities can come together both for the planting event and for tree care services. They can block unsightly dividers, parking lots, and muffle noise from streets and highways. Trees also reduce glare, making for a safer drive.

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