Turn your Christmas tree into mulch

2013 has just arrived, but for many of us, that Christmas feeling is lingering.  Do you still have this year’s Christmas tree and wondering what to do with it?  Are you in need of a fresh bag of mulch?  After all, mulch season is fast approaching.  Well, if you live near Hyde Park in Chicago, you are in luck!


Turn your Christmas tree into mulchRepeating a successful program that began last year, the city is allowing residents to drop off their Christmas trees at Jackson Park.  From there, the trees will be turned into mulch that will be given away starting in the middle of January.  However, the city reminds residents that they cannot recycle any decorations that may be on the tree.  They ask people to bring Christmas trees that are completely bare of any kind of ornaments.   Avoid the anger of a spouse and do not toss away that heirloom ornament!  For more information, you can read the Hyde Park Herald article here.


The city of Chicago is accepting trees through January 18th.  While this may only apply to nearby residents, it is a great idea that other parts of the country should take part in.  It is an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your Christmas tree, and you get a free bag of mulch out of it.  If this idea interests you, talk to some local representatives in your town and maybe you can get a similar program started.  It is a great way to promote an environmentally-friendly aesthetic, all while encouraging conservation and growth.  Why waste a perfectly good Christmas tree?



*Image courtesy of Maliz Ong