Urban forests, your community and you

urban inhalersWe have discussed urban forests in previous posts. Not only is it a trendy topic, it is an all-important topic, as urban forests have the potential to completely revitalize decaying urban centers, all while reinvigorating our lust for life. If you have ever driven cross-country, especially through the Rust Belt and cities, you most likely saw city after city, town after town, struggling to breathe. It is as if each of those places needs an inhaler. A city can’t gasp itself into bloom; it has to grow into it.

The benefits of urban reforestation are backed by stats and cold facts. For example, analysts estimate that every year, urban trees remove approximately 784,000 tons of air pollution! That is, clearly, an enormous amount. Trees keep the planet and us healthy and vigorous. Unfortunately, America loses more trees than it gets in return. That is why urban reforestation is so important. Thankfully, some corporations recognize the importance. Bank of America is one of them.

In a press release from today, “National conservation organization American Forests announced today that it has received a $250,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to conduct urban forest assessments in five U.S. cities over the next six months. The selected cities are Ashbury Park, N.J.; Atlanta, Ga; Detroit, Mich.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Pasadena, Calif.”

While some of these communities are stronger and more stable than others are, the grant will help assess the situation in each of the cities, demonstrating the viability of sustainable healthy ecosystems. The belief is that urban reforestation is effective in every city, from the Rust Belt to the Pacific Coast, but each city is different and will be assessed as such. In other words, in what ways would urban reforestation benefit this city the most? Atlanta is not Ashbury Park, and vice versa. Such assessments will help planters and planners in their strategies.

Not all of us are city planners or urban forest organizers, but we can plant forests of our own! At Cold Stream Farm, bare root trees are one of our passions and we have plenty for sale. If you are interested in starting your own forest, our bare root trees are the perfect starting point! It seems strange to say it, but forests are the wave of the future.

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/5/prweb10687053.htm

*Image courtesy of Karen Arnold