Volunteers Strive to Help Michigan’s Tree Population

In today’s busy world, it is easy to forget about the living environment that we share with the rest of nature. There are many good reasons for wanting to have a large population of healthy trees around the planet, but action must be taken if trees are going to survive. One organization dedicated to tree planting and education is ReLeaf Michigan.

Since 1988, ReLeaf Michigan has enlisted the help of volunteers to spread valuable information regarding the proper planting and care of trees. Throughout their decades of work, the volunteers at ReLeaf Michigan have helped over 350 communities across the state complete a variety of tree projects. With their years of experience and dedication, they have managed to plant over 25,000 trees throughout the area.

In order for their organization to survive, ReLeaf Michigan depends on the time and contribution of volunteers. Whether you have a passion for trees or would just like to help out, you can join ReLeaf Michigan and aid them in their goal. For more information about ReLeaf Michigan, including instructions on how to join them, please visit their website.

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