Wet Climate? Marshy Soil? These Thirsty Shrubs Absorb Water!

Does your yard remain wet much of the year? Does your property feature wet, marshy soil? Do you have a pond, stream or other water feature that sometimes contributes to soggy soil around the property? Planting some of these thirsty shrubs that absorb water can help you to reclaim your yard and keep your property more balanced in any season.

Speckled Alder

Speckled alder is frequently found growing along streams or in wet meadows. These shrubs can grow 15 to 25 feet tall, and are popular with wild birds that feed on the seeds. Other animals like deer and rabbits eat the twigs, making them a good plant to choose if you’re looking to draw in some more wildlife.

Arrowwood ViburnumArrowwood Viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum grows well in areas that are often too wet for other plants. These plants will grow to 6 to 15 feet tall, and the white flowers it produces in the spring will attract many species of butterfly. This is a great plant to provide a little bit of subtle and subdued color along with greenery.


Another shrub that thrives in wet areas is winterberry. This plant will grow 18 to 24 feet tall, and also produces white flowers as well as berries that are a popular food for a variety of bird species. The berries are poisonous to humans, however, so if you have young children, this may not be the best choice to plant at your home.

Saskatoon Serviceberry

Another berry-producer, the Saskatoon serviceberry is native to North America and grows best in moist soils like swamps. This shrub will grow 10 to 20 feet tall, and attracts grouse, doves, woodpeckers and other birds. Unlike winterberry, the serviceberry is edible, looking like a blueberry but featuring a taste more sweet and nutty, says the Saskatoon Berry Institute of North America.

Black Willow

Rounding out our list, black willow is a fast-growing tree that thrives in wet areas like swamps and along streams. These trees can grow to more than 100 feet in height under ideal conditions, and attract a variety of birds, animals, bees and butterflies.

Not all shrubs are suited to wet environments, but those that are can thrive in marshy areas or around ponds, streams and water features are an excellent way of natively controlling excess moisture. Planting these shrubs in wet areas around your property allows you to enjoy the beautiful plants while also naturally drying some of the excess water.

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