When to Water: Does Morning, Midday or Afternoon Play a Role?

Planting trees, bushes, plants and other shrubs is a nice way to increase the aesthetic appeal of a property as well as provide some shade and privacy.

It is a pretty straightforward process to plant trees, shrubs and other plants, but the real question that often comes with a little bit of uncertainty is when should you water your new plants?

We all know that water is vital to a plant’s survival and you might have thought that it doesn’t matter what time of day – as long as your plants are getting water, they can thrive. However, there are certain times of day that prove to be better watering times than others.

You also want to be strategic about watering as well since water utilities go up each year. When you water your plants during the hottest part of the day, which is noontime through early evening, almost 30 percent of the water will simply evaporate from the sun’s heat and doesn’t get used up by the plants. Due to this, you will need to water again in the late evening to preserve your plants.

To conserve water and to ensure your plants are getting adequate amounts of water, the best time to water is early morning just after sunrise or in the evening when the sun has begun to settle.

During the above hours, your plants will get the most benefit from the least amount of water. These are also times when the ground will begin to cool and will be less likely to soak up all of your water.

Watering in the early morning and evening also will help wilted plants come back to life. They will benefit from the cooler temperatures even without additional water.

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