Winter and Ferns: What to Know for Those You Grow

FernsJust because it is winter does not mean that you can’t put your green thumb to work! And, we know just the plant for you. Although ferns are the perfect option to cultivate during colder weather, you still need to know how to winterize these plants to keep them healthy and vibrant all the way to spring.

First, you need to decide what type of fern you would like to buy or what type you already own. Evergreen and deciduous ferns have different needs and do well in different zones, as LoveToKnow Garden notes. Knowing what growing zone you live in is important as it will dictate the approach to your winter gardening.

If you are taking care of evergreens, such as a Christmas fern, it is very important to make sure you have the right plant for your local climate. As the name implies, evergreen ferns will stay green during the winter if you keep the roots moist – not the fronds – and manage the demands of the plant. For example, planting ferns that are best off in warmer climate will require extra attention to keep them warm and protected, while planting below your zone is less of an issue as plants are already able to handle even colder climates.

Deciduous ferns, like the Maidenhair, are not built to stay green during the colder months, but can do very well when planted in the right climate. Taking care of them through the winter season will ensure they survive and thrive again once the frost breaks and spring arrives. Be aware, also, that you should cut dying fronds in the fall to eliminate waste. If left outside, you should also cover the base of the plants with mulch during the winter to keep them snug.

Many areas of the country still can plant throughout the cool months, but it’s important that if you’re going to be doing any winter gardening to keep in mind the limits on the plants and know your growing zone.

Still not sure what type of fern to buy? No problem! Cold Stream Farm is here to help you find the perfect fern to add life to your winter garden. For more information on all the ferns Cold Stream Farm has to offer, call us today at 231-464-5809.