Winter storm Nemo and your trees

The Northeast braces for a dangerous and possibly history-making blizzard.  Erin McClam, staff writer for NBC News, writes, “A crippling and potentially historic winter storm barreled toward the Northeast on Thursday, threatening tens of millions of people with 2 feet of snow.  Boston canceled school and braced for one of its worst blizzards of all time.” Winter storm Nemo is here, and it is certainly not some lighthearted Disney fare.  Downed trees and power lines are a guarantee.

Be safe out there and do not take any unnecessary risks.  Stay indoors, if possible.

Some of you may be wondering, what about my trees?  While many run to food stores and pharmacies, a few rush to Home Depots or other garden centers…

Snowstorms can irreversibly damage many trees.  Heavy snow and ice are the main culprits.  They will bend and break branches.  Some trees are more susceptible than others are – junipers and birches, for example.  Well-established trees will be fine, although you will want to protect their weaker points.

Small trees still growing, however, should be wrapped, as thin bark is often ravaged by frost, snow and ice.  If your trees are young or recently planted, wrap them up.  If your trees appear weak, best wrap them up.

There are many options for wrapping, including paper wrap, carpet, rope or burlap.  You can do it yourself (and given this season’s sporadic storm season, that is the most likely option), but it is always good to hire a professional arborist – that is, if you have the time and money.  However, if you are like the rest of us, you will be scrambling around when you hear news of an approaching storm.

Below is a video, courtesy of PAllenSmith, demonstrating how to protect your trees in the event of an oncoming storm.

For more information on Winter storm Nemo, you can find McClam’s article here.  As always, contact Cold Stream Farm if you have any questions.