Winterizing Your Garden

In just a few short weeks winter will begin. If you live on the east coast, you may have already experienced the first snowfall of the season. Meteorologists have predicted a particularly rough winter as the polar vortex enters the United States.

If you have a garden, you may be wondering how these cold temperatures will impact your plants and flowers, plus, what you can do to protect your garden from this incoming cold weather.

While you can’t control the temperature, there are many measures you can take before the intense cold weather and snow set in, to ensure that once spring arrives, your garden is prepared to flourish throughout the season.

Protect Trees

There are a few different reasons why wrapping your plants and shrubs in burlap is beneficial, tree shelter can also help protect your trees around the base. Tree shelters provide protection for young trees by forming a physical barrier or wall around the tree.

Keeps Deer Away

Deer tend to graze through gardens looking for just about anything to eat from grass, nuts, twigs and other plants. If you live in an area where deer can potentially access your garden, you can benefit from wrapping your shrubs and plants.

Protects from Ice Damage

If you live in the north, you understand how intense winters can be. Winter ice storms can be extremely damaging for plants shrubs. Branches can become coated in thick layers of ice which will weigh them down and potentially snap branches or cause them to bend. Not all trees need to be wrapped during the winter but shrubs with weak, brittle, or floppy branches can benefit from the insulation that a breathable wrap provides.

Reduces Salt Damage

If you apply salt to the ground around your home to keep from slipping on ice, this can potentially harm your plants and shrubs. By wrapping your plants with burlap, it will help to keep the salt away from your garden, protecting your plants and shrubs.

Winterizing Your GardenRemove Debris

If you have raked leaves, be sure to remove them. When it snows on top of leave piles it can create mildew. This can be damaging for grass underneath and may result in a dead or diseased patch by the time the snow melts in the spring. If you have an influx of leaves, rake them and use them as mulch. To create mulch from leaves, you can use a woodchipper. If you don’t have a woodchipper or leaf shredder, you can use your lawnmower. If you use a lawn mower be sure to use small piles so your mower can glide over the leaves with ease. Mulch also helps to insulate your plant roots.

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