Advantages of Planting Bare Root Trees

IAdvantages of Planting Bare Root Treesf you’ve ever planted a tree on your property, chances are it was a potted tree with a soil ball on the bottom of it that contained all of the tree’s roots. Traditionally, this is the way that nurseries have sold trees to customers, but in recent years, bare root trees have become much more popular and many nurseries now provide customers with trees that don’t have any soil around the roots.

The first time you see a bare root tree, you might be a little bit put off by it. After all, how is the tree going to flourish and grow if it doesn’t have soil around its roots? But as long as the tree has been cared for properly and as long as you plant it the right way, there are many advantages to planting bare root trees.

Larger Variety

Many local nurseries around the country are starting to stock more bare root trees since they don’t take up as much space as trees with soil around their roots. Additionally, shipping bare root trees is significantly easier than shipping trees with soil balls, so you can often find a greater variety of trees no matter where you live. This opens the door in terms of availability, giving you a chance to plant something truly unique on your property.

Lower Cost

On average, Bayer Advanced reports that bare root trees cost about 30 to 50 percent less than trees with soil balls or in containers. This is because nurseries don’t have to perform the labor-intensive work commonly associated with potting trees, meaning less expense in preparing the trees which allows the cost savings to be passed along to you. Bare roots trees are also a lot lighter than potted trees and take up less space, so they can be moved around and shipped at a fraction of the cost of potted trees.

Easier to Handle

Potted trees can weigh a ton – OK, perhaps not a literal ton, but still enough that they can be difficult to move from point A to point B by yourself. Bare root trees on the other hand are much easier to handle, and can often be picked up, moved and planted by a single person. This makes it easier for a landscaping crew to complete their work quickly or an industrious home or business owner to complete their planting projects with ease.

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